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Chassis Color Interior Purchased Vehicle State Owner Location R32 Log Details
MkIV RS Leather 10/04/2019 Owned Napoleon Jones Jacksonville, NC View View
MkIV TR Cloth 09/12/2019 Owned Jeff Higginbotham Las Vegas, NV View View
MkV DBP Leather 10/07/2019 Owned andrew bradfield oklahoma city, OK View View
MkV UG Leather 09/25/2019 Owned Brian Woods Sacramento, CA View View

Blue rows are preorders, red rows are for sale and black rows are totaled

Most recent MkIV R registered by Jeff Higginbotham 7 days ago.

Most recent MkV R registered by Brian Woods 4 days ago.

315 MkIV R32s are registered with us.

MkIV Stats: 46 TR, 77 BMP, 117 DBP, 1 Custom, 74 RS,

1249 MkV R32s are registered with us.

MkV Stats: 150 TR, 303 CW, 539 DBP, 0 Custom, 257 UG,

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