Chassis: MkV

Color: UG

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 541

Purchased: 10/06/2007

Mileage: 0

Notes: Purchased from Stohlman VW, Tysons Corner, VA; 11 starting miles.


Owned by: Craig Beyers

Location: Springfield, VA

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October 27, 2007: R32 Manuals arrived

Finally! The R32-specific manuals arrived Thursday via FedEx. As anticipated, they're GTI manuals with additional R32 supplements. They've been useful already in helping us understand the MFD and explaining the Climatronic options. I washed the car last weekend (Meguiar's products) and got most of the brake dust off the wheels. The VW manuals recommend a wheel wax and consensus seems to be that American [Racing Wheels] Wheel Wax is the best choice. We understand the nav system better, so it's a little easier and faster to use. The car has about 600 miles and I'm getting eager to punch it!

October 13, 2007: 1st tank of gas!

Filled up Saturday with the first tank of gas...271 miles, 12.082 out to 22.4 mpg. Not bad for the first tank...but I'm taking it cool as it's still getting used to running. I can tell it's freeing up; it just sound looser and freer. I've got a better feel for how the inside mirror switches between daylight and night operation. It just isn't as dark as a manual mirror and switches back and forth at night when it's dark behind the car...interesting. I've noticed that all the wheels seem to have streaks on appears to be brake dust...LOTS of it. If anyone reading this knows what's up, I'd appreciate a reply (I'll check VWVortex). We're also getting used to the nav system...actually making it do what we want ...a little playing around has helped. I'm really enjoying the car....and so are many of the folks in the office, who are enjoying its sound. One guy said "I knew it was different when I saw the two tailpipes". I almost had to stop him drooling .

October 07, 2007: 1st Night Drive

First night drive tonight...not sure that the auto dimming mirror is working properly (but this care is my 1st time with this kind of mirror). The xenon's are awesome--almost as good as (from the old days!) my BMW 2002 with 7" 110-watt H4s and 7" Marchal driving lights with 110w H1 bulbs. Light color is "clean white" and the light spread is excellent across the road on low beams. On highs, the top of the light pattern opens up and there's plenty of light down the road. I drove from Centreville into Clifton, then from Clifton back toward southern Fairfax County on winding roads. As I told my wife, I drove at 4/10s to 5/10s, since I haven't seen these roads in 10 years and am still learning the car's capabilities. But...even staying in D (no paddles!) and taking it cool, this was easily the smoothest, not-quite-fast drive on these roads. The car's amazing...and the wife still likes the ride, the seats (which she says are "very comfortable"), and the Nav system. She even likes "Alice's" voice, Alice being, of course the nice lady in the Nav system.

October 06, 2007: Took delivery today

Last night, after driving a GTI--and attempting to drive an R32 (and failing) --we decided to trade in my 2000 2.SL0 Jetta on the R32. We took delivery of a United Gray R32 this morning--#541--from Stohlman VW in Tysons Corner, VA. Stohlman's has a Deep Blue Pearl R32, but it's too visible for me....same with Candy White and Tornado Red cars. The United Gray is just stealthy enough, I hope ! The hard part today was keeping out of the throttle and being just gentle enough for an easy break-in. I keep cars for a long time, so I can be patient.