Chassis: MkV

Color: UG

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 290

Purchased: 08/09/2007

Mileage: 29,200


Mods: C2 Stage 2 Turbo
Milltek non-res exhaust
FK coilovers
Haldex GenII controller
H&R rear sway bar
18" BBS CH

Owned by: David Pelagio

Location: Reading, PA

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February 20, 2009: It's finally done!!

I finally picked up my car after ~3 months. It was well worth the wait. The C2 Turbo is excellent. Enough said.

December 01, 2008: Installation begins. Woot!!!!

Feel free to follow along

October 13, 2008: C2 Stage 2 turbo

Ordered Stage 2 C2 turbo through Josh at NLS. Can't wait to see it installed. Going to take 3-4 weeks build time. More waiting, yeah!

September 26, 2008: H2Oi 08

Went to H2O this weekend. It was a fantastic show. Since it was my first time, I took in all the sites. I highly recommend going to this show. The WFSU crew was very cool. All good guys. Will be going to H2O, every year from now on.

August 23, 2008: BBS RS!

I went up to Rochester this weekend to pick up a set of BBS RSs from Michaelmark5 (on Vortex). Cool Cat.

June 16, 2008: FK Silverline X

Got new coilovers put on. Big thanks goes out to Josh and his crew at Nothing Leaves Stock. I had him spin the rears all the way down. If you like to go low these will achieve that.

F- 23.75"
R- 22.50

Raised the rears an 1" and now it feels a lot better. Stiffer than stock but very drivable.

May 19, 2008: So Fresh, So Clean!

I finally got some free time to install my Evoms intake and H&R rear sway bar. Also got to de-badge the R.¤t=IMG_0265.jpg¤t=IMG_0276.jpg

March 30, 2008: BlownEuros GTG

Went to my first large GTG. It was awesome. All generations represented well. I believe I was one of four MKV R's.

Oh my baby is all fixed, except for a few minor interior things that need fixing. Also got my summer tires back on. Winter is fun but spring is nicer.¤t=IMG_0107.jpg¤t=IMG_0096.jpg

Link to photos of BlownEuros:

February 11, 2008: The R goes in for some surgery

Well today was the day I dropped my R for the repairs that were done on 11/18/07. Took a while for parts to be ordered. It was hard to see the R have to stay at the body shop. Only have to wait a week, thank heavens. Will post pics when its done.

January 15, 2008: Broke 10,000 miles

Broke the magical number. She's running better than ever. You can really feel her pull a lot more. Can't wait for the Evoms intake!