This R32 has been sold and is awaiting the new owner to register it

Chassis: MkV

Color: DBP

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 134

Purchased: 08/06/2007

Mileage: 27,242

Notes: sold to carmax :(

Mods: Hole-free grill
Disable DRLs
Window roll-up/down with remote
Enable halogens with high beams
Enable Rain-Closing
R32 Door Sills

Owned by: justin Perkins contributor

Location: Austin, TX

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December 28, 2007: R32 License Plate

Put the front license plate holder back on today and put my new R32 license plate from VW on there just to see how it looks. Probably going to put my real plate back on in a couple days.

December 21, 2007: Interior/Exterior Cleaning

Finally cleaned the interior of the R, it was dying for a vacuum and interior cleaning. Washed the leather surfaces with Meguairs Vinyl & Leather Cleaner and followed with a treatment of Meguairs Leather Conditioner.

When I washed the exterior I tried out this trick I learned from the guys at VW Vortex to use Quick Detailing spray during the drying phase. I wasn't exactly impressed with the results (there was supposed to be less water spots, but I noticed more the next day), but then again by the time I was drying the R, it was dark outside.

October 21, 2007: Car wash after big road trip

Finally got around to washing my dirty as hell car today, it was super dirty after the 4k mile road trip.

Whenever I wash the car, I put the wipers in service mode so they can be hinged away from the window, well my R outsmarted me this time because I popped the hood before attempting to put the wipers in service mode. After checking the wiper fuse (under the hood) and getting all freaked out because my wipers weren't working, I finally realized that the wipers will not operate if the hood is open. D'oh! I hate it when my car is smarter than me.

October 18, 2007: TX to CA Road Trip Complete (mileage: 7133)

I returned home from my 8-day road trip to Sacramento and back this morning (3am). I had a blast with the R32 the entire time, it proved to be an excellent road trip car. Seats were very comfortable even during long drives (800+ miles). Never had a single problem. MPG improved greatly after the first oil change. On the last day I drove nearly 1000 miles and my average for that duration was 27.3 MPG!

West Texas Sunset

October 13, 2007: First Oil Change (mileage: 4,976)

Performed my oil change today, I'm using Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5w-40 (also known as Mobil Delvac 1). Yes this oil is 100% fine for the R32 engine. I use this oil in my diesels and like it very much.

October 11, 2007: Cross Country Road Trip (mileage: 2,889)

I left Austin, TX on Wednesday October 10th 2007 with 2,889 miles on the odometer and headed for Sacramento, CA. Took smaller roads most of the way, up through north-west Texas into Alberquerque on Interstate 40. Headed north out of Flagstaff, AZ and into the Grand Canyon and onward to St. George, UT. From there I headed through Nevada on Hwy 50 (a very fun drive), and kept on 50 through South Lake Tahoe right down into Sacramento. 1,995 miles later I am now in Sacramento.

October 09, 2007: Haldex Gen II Controller Installed (mileage: 2,889)

Installed my Haldex Gen II Sport Controller today, just in time for my road trip to CA and back.

September 23, 2007: Monster Mats

Picked up some Monster Mats today and promptly replaced my factory mats with these awesome mats. Set of four, uses the R logo as the primary grip pattern and my favorite thing is they don't look all "heavy-duty" style like all the other Monster Mats I've seen.

September 23, 2007: MPG Getting Better

After 2,500 miles of consistently getting 18.8 MPG, I've finally started to see that number go up. When I filled up this weekend I discovered that I averaged 21 MPG which equated to 270 miles out of a tank instead of the typical 225 I've been getting. That's pretty cool.

September 08, 2007: Another Wash

Met up with 3 other MkV R owners today, so I gave the R a nice bath.