Chassis: MkV

Color: TR

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 854

Purchased: 08/06/2007

Mileage: 47,000

Notes: Ordered on 3/21/2007
Born on 7/4/2007
Port on 7/27/2007
Dealer on 8/4/2007
Delivered on 8/6/2007

Mods: Sunroof Wind Deflector
Window Tint (25%)
Flapper Mod
HPA CVP Intake Manifolds Long Neck
Pioneer AVIC-D3
Vanity Tag "854 R32"
K&M Filter
Escort 9500ix (red)
StealthBox 8" Pioneer Flat Sub with Kicker 300 amp
Euro Headlight Switch
Smoked Side Markers

Owned by: Neil C contributor

Location: Olathe, KS

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March 23, 2008: Back to purfect! 9600 Miles

Returned to have the fogged tail light replaced. Looks great and now she has no problems! Weather is getting warmer more and Sparky and I are getting more time. Upon start up she says “Service Now” even though she hasn’t hit 10,000 miles yet. Before I went to Phoenix I did the oil change early at 4,500 miles. So now at 9,500 she demands service (a true woman, lol) and the math is a bit off. Guess she figured she would split the difference before nagging. Really looking forward to doing more with here but I’ll have to wait until after tax time!
I hope to get some decent pictures this spring too after a professional wax!

March 19, 2008: Unholey Grill 9500 Miles

The grill came in! Took me two weeks to get a hole to schedule an appt. They performed the software mods that I already had done which re-enable the DRLs. I switch off the DRLs right away. I had a fogged tail to which they ordered a replacement. Motor is stronger and still very satisfied with overall build quality. “Sparky” still inspires strong feeling just looking at her!

November 18, 2007: HPA CVP Install (almost), 8,100 miles

This weekend we started (friend Charles and me) the install of HPA's CVP which arrived Tuesday. The CVP requires that the fuel rail be replaced in order for the CVP to fit (the intake for the fuel line points up and won't clear the CVP). Well it appears that we were sent the fuel rail for an '04 .:R32. Sent HPA an email and will see how they handle. HPA is not due back into the office until Tuesday.

After the CVP I foresee a cold air intake, followed by cams, then exhaust, finally software to tie them together. I am aggressively targeting 320 crank horsepower…think I’ll get there? Email me and let me know!

Here are some pics (prepared for HPA, BTW) ;

Between now and the last update no new mods! I’ve been driving her a bit more often than planned because I have been out of my "normal" schedule. I love to drive her but oh the miles I am racking up!!! Must stop... keys down... arrrrggggg

October 22, 2007: General update 7,600 miles

Its been a bit so I’ll give an update.

AVIC D3 is in with Bluetooth and XM NavTraffic. All work as expected even with the install I did myself.

First oil change occurred at 4,500 mile. Mobile One 0W40 and NAPA Gold filter. Supplies for two changes $76. Have to remove the plastic shield to do the change. No big surprises.

Sparky now has 7,600+ mile from a 3,000+ mile round trip to Phoenix and back. Seats were great even when the roads were not. She did the trip in two days (had a three year old with me) between 75 and 85 mph. MPG was 23-25 even with mountains. Navi was a life saver in Phoenix especially knowing where the wrecks were and how traffic was flowing. Only damage found was a nick to the windshield. Had to happen some time.

Still waiting on the intake.

Noticed that GIAC has their software available so its just time before that mod occurs.

August 29, 2007: Sunroof Wind Deflector and Radar Detector Wires

Installed the sunroof wind deflector and hid the power wires leading to the radar detector.
The sun roof deflector went in easyish with NO HOLES to drill. The package from my VW Dealer ($88 w/tax) indicated it was for a Jetta four door and was too flat (no curve to follow the roof line). Included were two Phillips screws w/seats to protect the contact area between the Lexan like material of the deflector and the top of the Philips head, two metal brackets, plastic mounting clips that attached to the underside of the brackets, which were really just nipples to grip the bottom of the screw.
The brackets attached to the inside of the sunroof between the pop up deflector and the car. They hold to the roof using tension between the curving of the deflector and are attached by the Phillips screws. Total install time including clean up was 30 minutes.
Looks great! The Lexan, when bolted in, conformed to the curve of the roof. The door seal material, attached to the leading lip of the shield between the car and the shield, matches the rest of the car. While in motion the shield changes the interior of the car with the roof open and the windows down. The wind is now docile and doesn’t blast you with air (even at 100mph plus). Now it’s easier to have a conversation with the widows down at highway speeds.

The radar detector cord for my new 9500i from Escort was another issue. The new location for the radar detector is just under the rear view mirror toward the driver’s side. The mute button was installed just above the “not an ashtray” (NAA) space. I got the install cord with the blue led and the color/location matches the interior just fine, but the led is way too bright (just like the last one I had). I will fix that later.
The dash is 80% screws and 20% snap clips. Only damage suffered while disassembling the dash was the top of the steering column, which is; the top part that spans from the turn signal stalk to the wiper stalk; the vinyl between the column; and the plastic piece at the bottom of the instruments, are all one piece. On the top piece, which has two posts with snap clips just below the instruments, I broke one of the posts off. Have to order/price that one at the dealer sometime. :(
The cord was routed from the radar, around the rear view mount a couple of times (in case the suctions cups give way the cord will keep the radar from crashing to the floor) and was literally stuffed between the roof line and the windshield until it reached the B pillar. At the B pillar I didn’t have to remove the fabric covered trim, but did have to be careful to route it around the air bag.
I disassembled the lower part of the dash, steering column, shifter trim piece that surrounds the shifter, and the NAA with ESP switch to route the cord to the center of the dash just above the NAA. There is a trim panel just above the NAA that is rarely seen (unless you look up from the floor board) but is easily removed. I allowed the cord to run from the between the back of the NAA and the panel above sandwiching the wire between the two. Velcro on the panel above the NAA was used to mount the switch. I am going to need a different solution because the Velcro sticky backing has failed once from the heat already.
Assembly was the reverse of installation. All the screws on the dash are the same except for the three screws for the steering wheel.
AVIC-D3 and associated hardware are planned for the next install. The CVP intake from HPA is still pre-ordered and I am told mid September before its released.
2,500 miles and counting!!! My cheeks are sore from smiling!!!

August 16, 2007: Window Tint

Windows tinted to 25% - $199 (Upgraded Tint)

August 15, 2007: Sunroof Wind Deflector

Obtained (but not installed) from Dealership ($88 w/tax)

August 08, 2007: VAG-COM

Daytime Running Lights: Disabled
Halogen High Beams: Enabled (flash to pass as well)
Remote Windows and Sun Roof Close: Enabled
Remote Windows Open: Enabled
Remote Lock Horn: Disabled
($363 w/shipping)