Chassis: MkV

Color: UG

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 123

Purchased: 08/03/2007

Mileage: 0

Notes: License plate coming - BB VEYRN
It really is since most of the systems are the same as in the Bugatti; heck, even the key is the same with a different logo on it.

Mods: Flapper mod done. Pull off the vacuum line to the flapper valve and spray a little silicone spray inside the hose. Then insert a 3/16" ball bearing into the hose and put the hose back on the fitting, pushing the ball deeper into the hose as you press it o

Owned by: Luke Asbury

Location: Ventura, CA

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September 17, 2007: More info on launch delay

It seems that the EMC puts the car in neutral when I come to a stop with my foot on the brake. When the light changes, I take my foot off the brake and gas it - producing a 1-2 second lag before accelerating, because the car is in neutral and the computer has to tell the transmission to engage the gears. (This is not noticable in "normal" driving in either standard or sport modes).

The way around this is to stop the same way, and when you have come to a stop, pull on the handbrake and take your foot OFF the brake pedal. When the light changes, release the handbrake and gas it - resulting in instant acceleration, no lag, just go.

September 17, 2007: Driving Impresssions

I put 360 miles on the car in 6 hours last Saturday - a lot of it on Highway 58 between Santa Margarita (off the 101) and Highway 33 (58 is good road, check it out but be sure you have a full tank of gas). I was comfortably doubling the posted corner speeds - 40MPH at 80-90 etc. I also managed to get it loose - finally! In a drift, it is neutral and is quite controllable, no surprises.

August 21, 2007: Throttle Response

I checked with one of the Service Managers as Santa Monica VW and found that my throttle response problem was "operator error". In the standard "drive" mode the computer is looking for a gentle start; if this is not the case and I floor it, it gets "confused" and remaps the engine management computer which explains the lag. All I have to do is put it in the "sport" mode, which changes the engine management. When I hit the gas, it just goes - now. Starting from the
"drive" position and moving the shift lever to the right engages the Tiptronic mode which has the same mapping as the sport mode but requires that the driver use the paddles to shift. It's "all better" now that I know how it works!

August 06, 2007: Driving Impresssions

The car is SOLID - no body flex at all. It simply goes from point A to point B extremely quickly and without any fuss. In the 300+ miles I put on it this weekend, I could not get it loose in the twisties. It is that good. I am not happy with the lack of road feel through the steering (steer by wire) and there is a hesitation when starting off - poor throttle response. These are the only negative things I have found, everything else about the car is exceptional.

August 03, 2007: 123/5000

I Picked up today.

July 19, 2007: It is off the boat

It is sitting in Long Beach and should be here in 2-3 weeks.

July 01, 2007: It's coming!

Dealer says it is due on 8/13/07. I have a VIN number for it.