This R32 has been sold and is awaiting the new owner to register it

Chassis: MkV

Color: DBP

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 425

Purchased: 08/03/2007

Mileage: 25,000


Mods: VF Cold air intake, GIAC, RNS-510, various software mods

Owned by: Joel Van Corbach

Location: West Richland, WA

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November 01, 2008: RNS-510

Found a great deal on the RNS-510 nav unit from Went down and had Rich do the install. The unit works great, looks great and sounds great. I'm definitely smitten with the new unit. Photos to come.

October 26, 2008: 10000 Miles

Rolled into the 5th digit the other weekend when Lindsey was out to visit. Had a great drive down to Laguna and back. Can't say much more other than this car is great, and has already had some wonderful memories.


February 09, 2008: 5000 Miles

Hit 5000 miles on our way from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas. This was on a trip to celebrate our engagement!


(obviously I missed the occasion by 4 miles. Bummer

January 16, 2008: GIAC Flash - 4000 Miles

Did a GIAC flash with Jeff Moss at Torque Factory. Plenty more midrange pull and responsiveness, even in "D". Getting a VF Intake very shortly.

September 02, 2007: 1000 Miles

1000 Miles on the way to San Diego to see Nikki. Piper came out for the weekend. Another Great weekend, and another wonderful drive.

August 19, 2007: 500 Miles

500 Miles on my way to San Diego to see Dana and the girls. Great weekend, and a wonderful wonderful drive. Only clear pic, as I was doing about 80 on the 5:

August 08, 2007: 100 Miles

Hit 100 miles last night. Hoping to chronicle all the major mileage markers here.

I hit 100 while making a late night run to Chipotle in Marina Del Rey. Fitting, I think.

A couple of pics: