Chassis: MkV

Color: DBP

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 1423

Purchased: 08/25/2007

Mileage: 15,300



Owned by: Mark Plummer

Location: Plano, TX

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October 23, 2007: Awesome

This car is awesome. 4500 miles in less than 2 months, and I don't want to stop driving it! 1 squeak and 1 rattle, but other than that, FANTASTIC!

August 25, 2007: Not What I Ordered!

Welp, I ordered a United Gray R32, yet I started to second guess that choice... A blue R32 came in today, so I took that one instead!!! I love it!

July 20, 2007: ETA

Dealer called and said the car would arrive in the last week of August! Also received VIN #!

June 19, 2007: Ordered

Pre-Ordered @ Park Cities VW in Dallas!