Chassis: MkV

Color: DBP

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 1855

Purchased: 10/11/2007

Mileage: 0


Mods: Aspherical Mirrors | Flapper Mod | 35/20% Tint | VAG COM |

Owned by: Sean Montgomery

Location: Federal Way, WA

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October 16, 2007: VAG COM

Went nuts with the Vag Com this past Sunday. Disable DRL, Seatbelt chime, door open chime, horn honk on setting alarm, enabled rain close, window rollup with remote, central locking, flash to pass, quad lights for high-beams, and parking light feature.

October 13, 2007: Time for Tint

I know there are a lot of people that don't like window tint, and those who do, I fall in to the later category. Today I had 35% installed on the sides, and 20% on the back window. This is considered "legal" in WA state, so I went with that. I figure a bright blue R will do a good enough job attracting unwanted attention - no reason to give the Police more reasons to pull me over.

October 12, 2007: Its HERE!

Picked up the car last night #1855. So far, I can't drive it enough, I love the thing.

October 02, 2007: Car coming soon

Found out from my salesperson on this past Saturday, that it should be here the week of 10/8... Sold off the "extras" from my GTI in preparation for the trade-in.

August 13, 2007: Waiting.....

So I'm a late order - not until October 29th, the wait is going to kill me.
At this point I'm trolling Vortex everyday. Heck, I've already ordered some Volkswagen Racing stickers (maybe just a simple .:R on the side windows)

My first option was White, but then the DBP is just too nice looking for me to pass up, so I switched out. Like I said at the outset, the waiting is going to kill me.