Chassis: MkV

Color: UG

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 808

Purchased: 08/14/2007

Mileage: 0

Notes: what a fantastic set of wheels. surprisingly exceeds my 2005 3.2 TT DSG

Mods: none.

Owned by: J D Sharp

Location: San Anselmo, CA

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August 20, 2007: first road trip

sample photo is quite accurate. that could well be my car. we have logged San Francisco to Portland so far. What a pleasure! incredible braking, no fatigue. Unlike my previous 2005 TT 3.2/dsg you do not have to fight the steering wheel. Not a "boy racer", but a gentleman cruiser, and yes, a racer when you throw the pedal down. Which I am trying not to do in the first 1K miles so I don't create an oil burner. Right now only about 23.5 on the highway, but I suspect this will rise to about 28 which is what my TT 3.2 did after break in.

August 20, 2007: mp3 cds and more

as mentioned by another R32er, it is true that the audio system included with nav does NOT handle mp3 cd's. also my salesperson insisted that the non-nav system sounds better. it sounded awfully good to me. during our 650 mile road trip I made the acquaintance of satellite radio. I think it is great if you have a co-pilot to keep changing stations for you, but it could be a distraction if you are constantly channel surfing while driving. As for nav - - I have been using a portable system for quite a while . . why would anyone want it built in? it is just as brain dead as the former built-in cell phone systems that nobody buys anymore. I move my nav with me from car to car and take it on vacation with me. no need for "never lost" and its ilk. save the money and spend about $400~$700 on a great portable. you will never look back