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This R32 has been sold and is awaiting the new owner to register it

Chassis: MkV

Color: DBP

Interior: Leather

Edition number: 134

Purchased: 08/06/2007

Mileage: 27,242

Notes: sold to carmax :(

Mods: Hole-free grill
Disable DRLs
Window roll-up/down with remote
Enable halogens with high beams
Enable Rain-Closing
R32 Door Sills

Owned by: justin Perkins contributor

Location: Austin, TX

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March 12, 2008: Full Hand Wax with 3M, Mileage: 12,200

Today I applied a nice layer of 3M wax to the entire R32. It didn't take as long as I thought it would take and the result was astounding.

Ever since I bought a water filter setup for my hose, washing the car is so much easier. I don't bother drying anymore since the filtered water dries spot free.